Leave Your Lawn to Us

At Springtime Enterprises LLC, we want to help you make a great first impression on guests and clients. That's why we offer regular landscaping and parking lot cleaning in Kent, WA, and the surrounding areas. With our expert team on your side, there's no landscaping goal that can't be accomplished.

Landscape Maintenance Services Available

Springtime Enterprises LLC isn’t just one of the top street sweeping companies—we also offer a wide range of landscape maintenance services. We conduct a thorough review of every property before the job begins. This assessment covers all aspects of the landscape, irrigation, plant problems, and turf care. We then develop a complete, long-term plan that fits your budget.

Count on us to ensure that every aspect of your exterior looks greats throughout the year. By combining our landscape maintenance and parking lot sweeping services in Washington, your business will always be ready to impress clients and passersby. We understand how important it is for a business to make a good first impression, so our professionals provide the following and more.

When you come to Springtime Enterprises LLC, expect us to:

• Maintain Turf
• Manage Irrigation
• Edge & Trim Lawns
• Fertilize Lawn & Plants
• Control Moss & Weeds
• Trim Planting Beds
• Prune Trees
• Hand Prune Shrubs
• Rake Beds
• Spray Weeds in Parking Lot
• Blow Off Walkways
• Remove Litter
• Remove Leaves
• Apply Pre-Emergent
• Repair Asphalt
Owner Mike Ellis and His Service Vehicles

Seasonal and One-Time Clean-Ups

Although routine services are the best way to keep your exterior beautiful, we also offer season and one-time clean-ups for your convenience. Whether you need a team to rake up all the fallen autumn leaves or your landscape beds require attention, you can count on us to restore your property’s appearance. Pair our landscaping with our pressure washing services in Washington to give your exterior a complete makeover.

Contact us for further information on our wide range of landscaping services. We have offices in Enumclaw and Kent, Washington, and serve clients throughout the surrounding

Landscape Service Ideas

Lawn Care

Is a great way to keep your lawn looking green and weed free.  Also your lawn will look organized and professional.

Landscape Beds

Landscape beds need to be weeded raked, and barked to keep maintained. 

Irrigation Repair

Irrigation systems need to have leaks repaired.  There is nothing worse then getting water bill that is really high. 

Hedge and Tree Trimming

Keep your hedge and trees trimmed.  This will keep your plants from growing into each other